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Partners 4 Africa  // Posts published by Partners 4 Africa

28 Jan Posted by in NEWS | Comments

20th Container Arrives in Matabeleland!

Last week, our 20th container arrived in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe! Churches and Christians continue to distribute clothing, textbooks, blankets and medicines throughout their area. Churches, schools, communities and individuals have created multiple opportunities to share the message of Jesus. Today, we celebrate with the 423 who gave their lives to God last year as a result […]


14 Dec Posted by in NEWS | Comments

P4A’s First Medical Clinic in Construction in Zimbabwe!

Partners 4 Africa’s first ever medical clinic is in the works in Zimbabwe, Africa! This clinic will treat villagers from surrounding communities of Filabusi, Zim. These villagers are currently traveling hours to access medical help. Many of the sick cannot even make the journey. Last week, we received this message from Partners 4 Africa Facilitator […]


24 Sep Posted by in NEWS | 2 comments

A Growing Church at Nketa 8

This past Sunday, our team was blessed to be able to worship with the Nketa 8 church in Zimbabwe. And in this case, the church outgrew the building long ago! Two hundred and eight people crowded in the front yard of Brother Vusa and Sister Nancy’s home to worship together. Before the message was given, […]


23 Sep Posted by in NEWS | Comments

34th Well Provides Water for Hundreds of Families!

Partners’ completed our 34th well at Mpopoma in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, this week, providing a water source for 500 families in the area. Our team was welcomed at the opening ceremony of the well by over 200 grateful, excited families. “The church at Mpopoma will truly be blessed by this act of kindness,” Hailey Mlangeni of […]


09 Sep Posted by in NEWS | 2 comments

A Story Worth Telling

I love this story. It’s this story that makes what we do so timeless. So worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong. Africa itself is exciting. Walking with lions, eating mopane worms, seeing Vic Falls. It’s cool stuff. Once in a lifetime stuff. But it’s not that important. Not really. THIS story, though…it’s important. And much more […]


15 Aug Posted by in NEWS | Comments

Revival in Swaziland

Our Partners 4 Africa team safely arrived back in America a few weeks ago, and now we are blessed to share beautiful stories of God working in southern Africa. Below is a letter we received from Brother Bekhi in Matsapha, Swaziland, after our campaign team worked with his community in June: “You do not know […]


17 Jul Posted by in NEWS | 1 comment

Swaziland SHINES Thanks to Good Works!

The Matsapha church family, located in the high-density area of Matsapha, Swaziland, has made a huge impact in the community! Over 130 children are being fed spiritual and physical food weekly. A clinic for the sick is being constructed. And the Word Bible School office flourishes with outreach programs! “What a joy for us Americans […]


17 Jul Posted by in NEWS | Comments

SHINE Success in Venda

Last week, our Partners 4 Africa team hosted a spiritual enrichment meeting in Venda, South Africa, and received way more than they could’ve given! Although the Partners team planned for 50 youth leaders, 110 Africans arrived from five congregations! “No matter how much we give, we always receive more,” Partners founder Dorian Flynn said. Thanks […]


11 Jun Posted by in NEWS | 1 comment

Joyful Giving

When last did you see someone so excited that they knelt with joy upon receiving a Bible? We appreciate our partners in the States for furthering the S.H.I.N.E Program and bringing Bibles into every Christian home! With so many coming to the Lord in southern Africa, this will be an ongoing campaign. What a great […]


13 May Posted by in NEWS | Comments

Nkulumane Celebrates A Well!

Christians at Nkulumane church not only feed over 70 orphans every week, but now provide water to hundreds of families living in their community. “Because of the well, children we feed will also be planting their own vegetable gardens,” Brother Bruce Vimba, facilitator of the M.O.M. Project at Nkulumane, said. “The gardens will not only […]